Modular Kitchens Design


Modular kitchens are really in demand nowadays. Every lady wants a reliable and quality proofed modular kitchen set to shine up the beauty of her kitchen. With the increasing demands comes variety that confuses us to the core that we end up choosing a wrong model for our house. This article will help you in buying modular kitchen in modular kitchen shops in Lucknow.

The modular kitchen should be the one that compliments your dining area as well if you have an open kitchen at your home. The unmatched open kitchen and dining area looks very out of place. Let’s start the tour of having a nice, budget friendly and classy modular kitchens-

  1. Johnson Kitchen: Linked with most popular brand name that is based in German Johnson is among the top seller of the modular kitchen. They provide you with a gamut of designs, looks and colors and based upon your need you can choose one among them. If you opt for the German product then the price do hike up a bit but as far as you stick to the Indian products of them, they will be affordable with an equally satisfying quality, design and color.


  1. Island: This model provides a royal touch to your kitchen. It is also quite spacious and provides you more free space and mobility in the kitchen that in turn brings the ease and comfort to work. It has drawers arranged in the periphery of a central based platform for the cooking gas.
  1. L Shaped: The most preferred and common look is L shaped modular kitchens. This is best and classy for a large as well as small space. The kitchen has hanging cupboards along with the cupboards placed the bottom of counter. Within L shape category there are various sub-categories. The sub-categories provide you with different quality of products like made of fiber, plywood etc. The price of the kitchen set depends upon the quality of product used and may vary accordingly.


  1. U shaped: This provide you with three side counters. It also has hanging cupboards but for a comparatively larger space than L shaped. They provide you with more wider, spacious and comfortable space to work in. Handling and design of these are better as compared to the L shaped Modular kitchens. Also the sizes of the cupboards are larger and hence more items can be stored.


  1. Parallel Counters: It has two counters facing each other. Similar to the L shaped and U shaped modular kitchens, this variant also has hanging cupboards but it can be adjusted in much smaller spaces than the above two. Also, it provides enough space that you can work comfortably and things are handy for you instead of going crazily clumsy.

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